In June 2020, in our maisonette, located in Asprovalta, we created a space of 25 sq.m. on the ground floor for rent, especially in the summer months. This apartment consists of a double room and two other single rooms, so as to accommodate a family or friends of four people. The distance from the beach is about 100 meters. The center of Asprovalta (pedestrian street-shops, supermarket, etc.) is 2-3 minutes. It also has a space of 25 sq.m. in the courtyard, for the temporary accommodation especially of those people who smoke. At the back there is a garden with fruit trees (orange, lemon, peach, pomegranate ….) Internally the apartment is equipped and has air conditioning (cooling – heating), solar water heater, fully functional kitchen – coffee maker, refrigerator 1.60 m. height, WC bathroom, IPTV TV – global reception, free Wi-Fi. In the courtyard of the maisonette, there is a space of 20 sq.m. parking – exclusively for use by tenants. The apartment is registered in a short-term lease, according to

POL.187 / 23-11-2017 (Government Gazette Β΄4232 / 04-12-2017 Α.Α.Δ.Ε.