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Anything you want to ask about the availability of the apartment just either you can call us or fill out the form opposite and we will answer you immediately.

Public information about COVID-9

Πλύνετε τα χέρια σας τακτικά . Κρατάτε αποστάσεις. Μείνετε στο σπίτι , αν έχετε συμπτώματα. Ακολουθείστε τις οδηγίες των ειδικών. Wash your hands regulary. Keep your dinstance . Stay home if you have symptoms. Follow Goverment guidance Редовно си мийте ръцете. Запазете вашето обстоятелство. Стойте вкъщи, ако имате симптоми. Следвайте указанията на правителството